Green Products for a Fast-Paced World

Reduced Carbon Footprint Solutions

High Efficiency Duct Burner

Increase BTU with reduced runners, scanners, ignitors, and shortened flame length and the options for dual fuel. Engineered and manufactured in the US. 


With the Retrofit3D solution, IMI CCI now has the option to replace just your cage or the complete trim set with the DRAG® velocity control solution. Engineered and supported in the US.

Engineering Study

Eliminate efficiency loss and equipment damage with this detailed engineering study service and receive solid recommendations. Engineering support in the US.

Chemical Free Water Treatment

Address Bio and Scaling without the need of excessive chemicals with a well proven solution that not only protects your plant’s profit generation but also the environment. Engineered and supported in the US.

Intelligent LP Steam Recirculation System

Harvest the maximum energy while protecting the stack and reducing equipment utilization and maintenance requirements. Engineered and manufactured in the US.

AVOS+ – Ammonia Vaporization Optimization System

Eliminate parasitic loss of electric Ammonia Heating System and/or eliminate hot gas blower challenges with this reliable and efficient solution. Engineered and manufactured in the US.

Pump Recirculation Leakage Protection

Eliminate pump recirculation related to leakage. Engineered and manufactured in the US.

Efficiency and Reliability Focused Solutions

Severe Service Control Valves

We cover control valves, desuperheaters, steam conditioning systems, silencers as standalone or combined with a vent valve. Challenges can be addressed effectively with the IMI CCI solutions focused on your specific application. Engineered and manufactured in the US.

Attemperation / Desuperheating Systems

Cracking, water hammers, and temperature control related challenges can be addressed with a 360 deg focused application solution. The hardware is only one part of the solution. We can support you with a holistic system installation and operation. Engineered and supported in the US.

Silencers and Vent Systems

Leaking steam is a direct loss of energy. Repeatable tight shut off vent valve designs combined with a downstream silencer is a system focused solution. Engineered and manufactured in the US.

Drum Level Hardware and Control Systems

Water carryover, shut downs, drum level deviations, and instrumentation challenges are capably addressed with this dynamically compensated drum level system solution. Engineered and manufactured in the US.

Flame Scanners

Upgrade to this SIL3 rated, heat resistant, fiber glass optic flame scanner that comes with a solid warranty and can be repaired online if ever needed. Can be applied to combustion turbines and duct burners. Engineered and manufactured in the US.

Ignitor Systems

This reliable ignition system utilizes low voltage with an enhance tip life cycle and a smart diagnostic feature indicating upcoming maintenance requirements and is extremely reliable even with Oil#6 fuel. It is well proven for combustion turbine (including dual fuel) and duct burners. Engineered and manufactured in the US.

Boiler Pressure Parts

Need immediate support for boiler pressure parts or just piping with or without modifications? Providing tube shields, complete boiler walls, or just pipe sections, this experienced team can support you even in emergencies. Engineered and manufactured in the US.

Isolation / Butterfly / Knife Gate Valves

In need for an Isolation/Butterfly/Knife Gate Valve solution? Talk to us about your specific applications so we can provide options.

HRSG access doors, view ports, roof ventilation

Reduce time to access with innovative solutions focusing on keeping your BTU in the boiler. Talk to us about your situation so we can effectively support you. Engineered and manufactured in the US.

Composite Repairs and structural reinforcement

We offer custom composite solutions for corrosion, erosion, and structural degradation in your process. Effective immersion-grade polymers and composite based solutions allow for long lasting tank and pipe repair. Furthermore, we can support you with structural reinforcement and specialty coating systems. 

DBx Shield – Rotary Drag Ball Valve

Do you have a ball valve that is noisy and lacks the control range you need?  Our combined ball valve and IMI CCI Drag® solution effectively addresses both challenges and enhances  repeatable true isolation and trim longevity. Engineered and supported in the US.