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Carbon Footprint

Our services and solutions are focused on solving issues that have an impact on your plant reliability and performance. Please get in touch regarding the topics that are relevant to your installation challenges and issues you are seeking a solution for.
See the product page for specific carbon footprint reduced solutions.

Control Valves


Severe service? Everyone seems to use this word – we mean it and can support critical severe service control valve applications such as turbine bypass, attemperators/desuperheaters, drum level control valves, pump recirculation valves, vent systems, and others.

Water Treatment

What is your annual cost on water treatment? How about reducing or even eliminating the use of hazardous chemicals? Want to improve the life-time of your RO membrane? This environment friendly method will help you to increase operational profit while improving the quality of your water cooling system.

Boiler Piping

Having a pipe repair emergency and need prefab, fully assembled, or just need supplies quickly? Need to replace complete water walls or boiler tubing? We have a partner who is specialized not only for complete system replacements but for outage emergencies with a very quick turnaround. Gain access to almost 100 years of experience.

Smart Ignitors

Do you struggle with unreliable ignition in your combustion turbine or duct burner? Never know when to replace the ignitor tip? This self-diagnostic is a true solution which can be utilized for dual fuel, including oil #6.

Duct Burners

Is your duct burner sagging or cracking? Having HRSG wall warping challenges? How are your downstream pipe runs impacted by the operation of the duct burner? Our network of experts will conduct an on-site evaluation and inspection, followed by a technical presentation and sound recommendation that will improve your plant’s performance! Our solutions can comprise the complete system, including ignitors, flame scanners, manual isolation valves, etc. 

Ammonia Systems

Struggle with repetitive maintenance on the hot gas ammonia system? Have you ever wondered how the parasitic loss of an electric ammonia heating system could be eliminated? Well, we found you a solution with a rather impressive ROI. Whether it is an electric heating system or a hot gas recirculation system, get in touch with us for a solution that won’t require you to re-open any permits. 


Having continuous control valve concerns? Are erosion, flashing, cavitation, noise, and vibration  continuous challenges? Replacing a complete valve used to be the only effective available option. But not anymore! Address your issues with a trim solution allowing you to maintain all pressure boundary parts including actuator & controls.

Smart Drum Level Control

Struggling with inaccurate drum level control systems? Need to replace the drum level gauges and other instrumentation frequently? Many plants have trusted this accurate drum level control system and we invite you into the world of efficiency and reliability. 

Volodyne Boiler Tube Cleaning

Sootblowers are not only expensive to maintain but also have limited impact on the boiler cleaning. This cleaning system has proven to be both effective and less expensive. Talk to us about the details and hear what others are saying!

System Engineering Service

Whether it is on the liner, pipe, nozzle, pr-tube, etc., who has not seen cracking in such a dynamic and increasingly cycling power production world? While the correct hardware selection is critical, the understanding of the application and the detailed operational methods and control sequencing is imperative to a successful installation. We have a team of experts backing us with an extremely detailed engineering study that will highlight the system related challenges and offer recommendations. 

Noise Attenuation Silencers/Valves

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Why is my system so loud?” Whether it is just a control valve or with a silencer installation, we can support you in reducing the noise produced by your system.

Composite Repairs & Structural Support

Whether it be tank erosion/corrosion or coal feeder pipe erosion, we thoroughly diagnose corrosion and erosion issues and prescribe streamlined custom solutions with products that are proven to be competent.
This long lasting, cost effective solution is worth looking into!

Midstream Isolation Valves

Are you in search for reliable and well proven midstream, inline repairable, double block and bleed linear gate and plug valves? This US supported solution has effectively served many major midstream companies around the globe.

Boiler Doors/View Ports


If you are looking for a innovative, fully US engineered and manufactured design for boiler access doors and view ports, then we have just what you need.

Heat Rate Improvements

Reliability and performance are key areas of focus if you want your plant to operate efficiently. Get in touch with us to evaluate what areas are impacting your productivity negatively.

CT/Duct Burner Flame Scanner

How about a heat resistant, SIL3 certified combustion turbine flame scanner that eliminates water cooling and other challenges? This long lasting and effective flame scanner will positively impact your O&M budget while providing an OEM backed warranty. 

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Premier Solutions – Buehler (PS-Buehler) is focused on providing energy clients with sustainable solutions that improve the reliability and performance of the plant representing leading manufacturers that are considered “Best in Class”.

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Your success is our focus: more efficient and better performing solutions coupled with great customer service. Talk to us today – our team is looking forward to assist you with any questions you have.

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